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The Congressional Medal of Honor - The History

Lucian Adams - World War II

Bennie Adkins - Vietnam War

John Baca - Vietnam War

Nicky Bacon - Vietnam War

John Baker Jr. - Vietnam War

Vernon Baker - World War II

Donald "Doc" Ballard - Vietnam War

William Barber - Korean War

Van Barfoot - World War II

Harvey "Barney" Barnum - Vietnam War

Gary Beikirch - Vietnam War

Roy Benavidez - Vietnam War

Melvin Biddle - World War II

Patrick Brady - Vietnam War

Paul Bucha - Vietnam War

James Burt - World War II

Robert Bush - World War II

Kyle Carpenter - War in Afghanistan

Jon Cavaiani - Vietnam War

William Charette - Korean War

Raymond Clausen - Vietnam War

Mike Colalillo - World War II

Charles Coolidge - World War II

Bruce Crandall - Vietnam War

William Crawford - World War II

Francis Currey - World War II

Edward Dahlgren - World War II

Michael Daly - World War II

Rudolph Davila - World War II

Raymond Davis - Korean War

Sammy Davis - Vietnam War

George "Bud" Day - Vietnam War

Jefferson DeBlanc - World War II

Duane Dewey - Korean War

Drew Dix - Vietnam War

Roger Donlon - Vietnam War

Desmond Doss - World War II

Russell Dunham - World War II

Walter Ehlers - World War II

Henry "Red" Erwin - World War II

Federick Ferguson - Vietnam War

John Finn - World War II

Bernard Fisher - Vietnam War

Michael Fitzmaurice - Vietnam War

James Fleming - Vietnam War

Robert Foley - Vietnam War

Wesley Fox - Vietnam War

Ed Freeman - Vietnam War

Harold Fritz - Vietnam War

Salvatore Giunta - War in Afghanistan

Nathan Gordon - World War II

Stephen Gregg - World War II

Florent Groberg - War in Afghanistan

Charles Hagemeister - Vietnam War

John Hawk - World War II

Shizuya Hayashi - World War II

James Hendrix - World War II

Rodolfo Hernandez - Korean War

Robert Howard - Vietnam War

Thomas Hudner Jr.- Korean War

Robert Ingram - Vietnam War

Arthur Jackson - World War II

Joe Jackson - Vietnam War

Jack Jacobs - Vietnam War

Leonard Keller - Vietnam War

Thomas Kelley - Vietnam War

Allan Kellogg Jr. - Vietnam War

Joseph "Bob" Kerrey - Vietnam War

George Lang - Vietnam War

Howard Lee - Vietnam War

Gary Littrell - Vietnam War

James Livingston - Vietnam War

Jack Lucas - World War II

Allen Lynch - Vietnam War

Walter "Joe" Marm Jr. - Vietnam War

Robert Maxwell - World War II

Richard McCool - World War II

John McGinty - Vietnam War

William McGonagle - Vietnam War

David McNerney - Vietnam War

Lewis Millett - Korean War

Hiroshi Miyamura - Korean War

Ola Mize - Korean War

Robert Modrzejewski - Vietnam War

Melvin Morris - Vietnam War

Raymond Murphy - Korean War

Charles Murray - World War II

Reginald Myers - Korean War

Robert Nett - World War II

Thomas Norris - Vietnam War

Michael Novosel - Vietnam War

George O'Brien - Korean War

Nicholas Oresko - World War II

Mitchell Paige - World War II

Robert Patterson - Vietnam War

Leroy Petry - War in Afghanistan

Richard Pittman - Vietnam War

Citizen Honors - Christian Garcia Young Hero Honoree

Everett Pope - World War II

Alfred Rascon - Vietnam War

Ronald Ray - Vietnam War

Gordon Roberts - Vietnam War

Joseph Rodriguez - Korean War

Clinton Romesha - War In Afghanistan

Ronald Rosser - Korean War

Tibor Rubin - Korean War

George Sakato - World War II

Clarence Sasser - Vietnam War

Ronald Shurer - War in Afghanistan

Robert Simanek - Korean War

Carl Sitter - Korean War

Richard Sorenson - World War II

James Stockdale - Vietnam War

James Stone - Korean War

Kenneth Stumpf - Vietnam War

James Swett - World War II

James Taylor - Vietnam War

Brian Thacker - Vietnam War

Michael Thornton - Vietnam War

Leo Thorsness - Vietnam War

Jay Vargas - Vietnam War

George Wahlen - World War II

Ernest West - Korean War

Gary Wetzel - Vietnam War

Kyle White - War in Afghanistan

Hershel Williams - World War II

Jay Zeamer, Jr. - World War II

Changing of the Guard

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