The Value of THSN

We utilize the fastest growing stream video delivery devices

THSN provides our viewers a console through which they can watch a variety of entertaining videos in combination with our own original content.

Our video content is driven by analytics. What this means is we publish video content by video views and watch duration. Simply, the good stuff keeps getting better, and the junk goes in the trash. Using this model, we can determine if the content is entertaining to our audience. We then publish similar video content, based on real time data.

How can I watch THE HIGH SCHOOL NARRATIVE channel?
– From your active Roku devise go to “channel search”.
– Type in THE HIGH SCHOOL NARRATIVE and save it to your favorites.
– Visit and load our channel for your favorite devise.
– Visit for a direct link to our iPhone and iPad app.
– From on our website pages watch our livestream or VODs.

How do we get our cool video content? Our video content is provided by two main sources. 95% is provided by content creators who are looking for a platform to broadcast. The other 5% is content which we create. Are you a creator of cool video content and want to get it on TV? Send it to us: Video Submission and follow up with and email and tell us about your content.

What makes us really different? Besides posting really cool video content, we also discuss issues that are problems for many of our viewers.

Anxiety, depression and suicide, bullying and gun violence, are commonplace in today’s educational and social circles. We are seeking individuals who share our passion to create avenues for positive cultural change. Our objective is to develop and expand a platform that will create a positive experience.

Future video subject content will be added as issues arise. These videos will be in the forms of podcast/videocast with experts in the areas we reference or areas of concern.